The Life of an American RVer – Alternative Living in a Bad Economy

     Fulltime RVing isn’t always done by the well to do retirees.  In fact there are a lot of people living in their RV’s because it costs less than a house or apartment.  Many campgrounds and RV resorts across the US, especially in the south, are full of fulltimers.

When people consider buying an RV for a house for under $30,000 to live in and pay rent that includes your water and sewer, sometimes your electric, cable and maybe even internet and never paying for property taxes.  You can understand why people live in them.

If you are one of the lucky ones you can even travel from job to job and see the US while living the American Dream, and probably live cheap.camper and truck drawing

Lots of retired people move to the warmer climates to retire but their money runs out so they buy an existing place which was probably an old travel trailer with a screened room attached, put on for more room.   Or if they are lucky a Park Model with a room attached.

We have seen families staying in fifth wheels or travel trailers with mom, dad and 1 to 4 kids.  They all travel to where Dad is working, such as the families we met because the fathers were welders and working where the pipe lines were going in.

Fulltime RVing isn’t just for recreation, it is also for necessity.  The economy has forced a lot of us into this lifestyle.  It can be great and it can be depressing, but the experiences if you are lucky to travel at all are rewarding in a way you cannot understand without doing it yourself.

We don’t regret becoming full timers but we didn’t decide to do it before it happened, we just thought we would be living in our RV for a short time, maybe a few months to start all over in a warmer climate.  This blog is the story of how we became full timers and the sad, fun, exciting, and gross experiences we have had and still are experiencing on the road in our RV.  Please join us for our stories and I know you will be entertained and educated by our mishaps and experiences along the way.